About Us

Inspired to create a more focused personalized member group training experience, Empower Fitness Lab opened its doors in 2017. Empower Fitness Lab is Houston's Tri-Concept studio. We offer CYCLE, HIIT, and YOGA formats all under one roof. Empower combines exceptional customer service, unequaled workout variety, and high energy trainers to create a dynamic workout experience in a small group format. We currently have 2 locations serving Houston TX, one in Uptown and one in the Heights.

Mission Statement

To create an uncompromising personal training experience in a small group format.

Brand Promise

Empower the staff.
Empower the memberS.
Empower the community.

Experience Empower

  • Customized high intensity interval training
  • Dual trainer coverage
  • Dynamic music playlists engineered for each class
  • Programming designed for any fitness level
  • Heart rate monitor zone tracking

Adrenaline. IT'S In OUR LOGO.

Empower Fitness Lab, Houston, Texas
Have you ever felt that heightened emotion or physical rush that takes you to the next level? That's adrenaline. In each class we ride the high with energetic trainers and dynamic workouts that create an atmosphere where adrenaline thrives with the pulse of every bass line. So, it's only fitting that our logo is the molecular representation of adrenaline. It's how we live. It's who we are.

We believe adrenaline is your empower factor: the extra fuel you need to workout harder and change your body. When the "IGNITE!" call rings in our classes, we’re empowering that rush. We are cultivating it to break free. We believe in giving it your all. We believe you are your own catalyst. The reaction starts with YOU. Our mission is to empower you through fitness at our labs, to work with you to achieve the results you crave. Remember our logo. Wherever you find it, you'll find adrenaline.
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