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Achieving balance with your food

Achieving balance with your food 

Eat more fruits and veggies they say!

Eat whole grains they say!

Achieving balance with your food and eating more fruits, veggies, and grain daily is important, but why is this important? And how could I ever give up delicious flaky buttery rolls on a Sunday morning brunch?

And how could you ever give up delicious flaky buttery rolls, especially rolls you eat for your Sunday morning brunch?

When looking at the populations around the world, the way society as a whole eats, and the quality of food we consume we may assume that because our nation is progressive economically our food quality must be the greatest, but this isn’t always the case.

Due to the rise of processed foods, their quick availability, and convenience, we consume a much higher percentage of processed foods in the US and first world countries than most do in developing countries.

Unfortunately, due to this imbalance on our plate, our physical health has greatly deteriorated.

This is no secret at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They wrote, “For the total U.S. population, heart disease has been the leading cause of death for decades, with cancer the second leading cause”

According to the world cancer research foundation

“Overall the age-standardized cancer rate (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) is higher in more developed countries. There were 268 cases of cancer diagnosed per 100,000 in more developed regions, compared to 148 in less developed regions in 2012.”  >>> Read the article here

In today’s modern lifestyle, balancing work, family, and self, making whole healthy food choices is not always as easy as it sounds. Lucky for you, there is always a way to find balance within a busy city lifestyle!

Lucky for you, there is always a way to find balance within a busy city lifestyle!

The question is . . .


If you are a fast lane individual and enjoy most of your meals eating out, you also have alternatives that you may have been missing out on!

Here are the steps to turning your plate around:

FIRST: whether you are out at the grocery store or at a Restaurant, CHECK THE MENU BEFORE HAND. Look to include fresh raw, sautéed or steamed veggies in every meal!

SECOND: bread are not 100% out of the question but If the choice of whole grain (rice, barley, lentils, quinoa, oats, grits) is available, choose grains over bread or pasta!

THIRD: choose fresh meats versus deli CURED meats. Many times, chemicals are used during the process of curing meats as well as an extremely high level of sodium is added during the process. If you are not careful you may be consuming your daily requirement of sodium in one meal of sandwich and chips!

FOURTH: You don’t always have to finish off the plate! Practice portion control when eating out, stop when you are satisfied, not when you are stuffed! You can always take the rest home for a later snack!

FIFTH: It’s ok to indulge in what you enjoy occasionally, practice portion! Balance it out with a healthy meal later the day, don’t allow one cheat meal or slip up ruin your hard work through your journey, enjoy your cheat meal and get right back on the saddle!!


Author: Valeria is a certified nutritionist & experience coordinator at Empower Fitness Lab and the Director of Nutrition. Val will be providing posts on nutrition and meal prep to help people in their daily battle in achieving the balance they need in nutrition to be successful.

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