So, you’ve made the leap and decided to begin a new fitness and diet regime. First of all, we salute you and congratulate you! It isn’t always easy to make a commitment, whether new or renewed, to turn your eating and exercise habits upside down. This is no doubt the first step to a healthier lifestyle which will result in many benefits such as increased energy, positive mental health, and greater confidence!

But many people like you give up on this exciting journey too quickly into the process. Why? Some might blame the frequent need to give in to temptation, going back to foods that are unhealthy for them. Others may say that their schedules are too hectic to make the time required for a beneficial workout.
But countless people like you, unfortunately, abandon their fitness goals because they are not seeing the results they want to quickly enough. We won’t deny that this can be a discouraging experience, but fortunately, there is a fitness solution many are turning to that ensures the exceptional results needed to keep you motivated.

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is an increasingly popular (and effective) training technique in which you train based on heart rate intensity and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max). HIIT introduces varying time-intervals at 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by periods of passive or active recovery. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. HIIT Training also promotes metabolic conditioning as post-workout recovery continues to burn calories for up to 18 hours after the workout. Lastly, because HIIT training adds variation to workouts and paces, this results in more dynamic movements to prevent repetitiveness and stagnation of workouts which keeps people engaged and motivated!

Many people love  HIIT workouts  because it increases your overall metabolism, it is a quick and convenient workout (HIITX60 class is 4% of your day!) you’ll lose weight instead of muscle, you’ll build great endurance, and prevent injury through controlled, non-repetitive movements! 

The process of finding a workout that is best suited to meet your fitness goals can be laborious and frustrating. It can be easy to become discouraged by busy schedules and by seeing either slow results or no results at all. That’s why many turn to a HIIT workout; it’s a great way to stay motivated and healthy on this fitness journey you are embarking on.

When it comes to providing you with a great HIIT workout, look no further than Empower Fitness Lab. Enjoy dual trainer coverage as our enthusiastic  trainers  guide you through your periodization and evolving dynamic movements. Not only that, but our music playlists are engineered for each  class  to keep you motivated and let your adrenaline ride to every bass line. All of these components combine to give you an exceptional HIIT workout in a group setting to increase a supportive community culture (why do everything on your own?) and accountability!  Visit our website  to schedule your first free workout with Empower Fitness Lab. You can also follow me on Instagram at @rydawils.