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Our Buzz Empower Fitness Challenge is officially DONE! Empower is in Tanglewood on Woodway at Chimney Rock, and they're opening a new location at 1005 Sawyer St. (Washington/Heights area) in December. They have three types of high-intensity interval training classes: HIIT, HIIT BoX, and HIIT Yoga.

My favorite is HIIT BoX (because I have anger issues), while Intern Jordan really loved the HIIT Yoga. 

Your first class with Empower Fitness Lab is free, so pick one and try it. (BOXING. TRY THE BOXING.) There's also a $100 off registration promo going on, so ask for details on that when you go in. And tell them Karah Leigh says 'SUP.

Our first day at Empower Fitness Lab was July 17th. We had one month to whip our asses into shape, and to make sure there was no slacking, we worked in teams.

Team Buzz Staff was me, Karah Leigh, along with Phyllis, Jeremy, and Intern Jordan.

Team Buzz Listeners was Bella, Nicole, Susie, and Andrew. Andrew showed up once, and then never again. (Now I know what it feels like to be ghosted. Thanks, Andrew.)

If you weren't following along, you can go back and look at previous posts to see how things progressed. (They'll be linked below.) Everyone else, let's dive in and check the final numbers.

This is where we started (numbers adjusted to NOT include Ghost Andrew):

Original image attributed to 94.5 The Buzz

And this is where we ended up, one month later:

Original image attributed to 94.5 The Buzz

That's right... Team Buzz Stuff not only lost to Team Buzz Listeners, but as a team, we actually gained fat.

It's all good, though. We each had our own reasons for doing the challenge, and we reached those goals. I feel better, Jeremy's sleeping better, Phyllis is progressing towards her triathlon, and Jordan can see the change in his body.

I talked to Team Buzz Listeners on their final weigh in day, and they were feeling damn good about themselves even before they got the results.

HUGE thanks to Empower Fitness Lab. Everyone there is awesome: Ryan, Hakeem, Val, Khang, Brandon, and all the rest. You guys rock. And thanks to Team Buzz Listeners! Bella, Susie, and Nicole were so committed.

Of course, thanks to Phyllis, Jeremy, and Jordan. Even though we "lost", we're all winners.

Finally, I'm going to keep up the workouts at Empower Fitness Lab! I got a little addicted. Let me know when you check them out and I'll join you for a class. This t-rex is basically me during/after a workout.