Original article written for Fitt Houston

In the last year, Sawyer Heights became a hub of fitness in Houston. Much to the delight of workout enthusiasts and weekend warriors, the area is now home to the likes of CycleBarRacePaceOrangetheory Fitness, Momentum Indoor Rock Climbing, and Toros Lifestyle Soccer. But you can’t miss this latest boutique studio’s new digs. That’s just one way Empower Fitness Lab is staking its claim in the neighborhood, too.


Say hello to Empower Fitness Lab’s new location in Sawyer Heights. Here, your workout regimen will be anything but routine.

Empower Fitness Lab offers high-intensity yoga, HIIT, and cycling mash-up classes that will leave you vibing off an extra dose of feel-good energy (because endorphins).

So get ready to rule your work week with yoga that doesn’t focus on meditation, but burning maximum calories, a boxing hybrid that includes cardio and resistance training, a HIIT class that focuses on 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength, and a cycling class that’s half heart-pumping pedaling and half power flow yoga. Add in killer playlists curated for each workout and motivating instructors encouraging you to reach your personal best and you’ll feel all the #LabLove.

Fitt Tip: if it’s your first time at the Lab, you’re definitely going to want to arrive more than our recommended 15 minutes before class (try 30 minutes — seriously). You’ll need the extra time to set up your health profile so you can track your heart rate and get real-time performance metrics during class.


Situated near the corner of Sawyer and Washington, it’s hard to miss this hot new spot’s lime green brick facade and their massive Karbach Brewing mural of Downtown HTX, complete with their motto, “Rule Your Work Week” on display.

Inside, the Lab offers separate studios for yoga, cycling and circuit training. But inside, the variations of classes are endless. Looking for more of a rhythm-based cycle sesh? They got it. Non-heated and heated yoga? They have that too. And what about if you’re a true Houston cyclists who likes to put actual tire to the road but want to head indoors? Yep. Empower offers a class that is for you too.

If you can’t get enough of Empower, but want to break free from the studio, keep an eye on their social media for pop-up sweat events taking place around the city.

So Houston, are you ready to feel empowered?