Whether you are looking to deepen your practice or increase your mobility and flexibility in your workouts, Empower Fitness Lab has a yoga class for you.

Vinyasa yoga (Flow Yoga): Sync your body and mind with a Vinyasa flow. Vinyasa links breath and movement while flowing from one pose to another. Flow yoga is great for all levels and you can grow in your practice with the different sequences and poses with modifications and up levels, leaving you invigorated and empowered. We offer two options for temperatures. If you want hot yoga, our flow yoga class offers a class in 90-degree heat to really wake those muscles up and make you sweat. But don’t worry, we also offer Flow yoga that is non-heated as well.

Functional Flow: This flow focuses on the mobility and flexibility of the active athlete. We take the base of vinyasa flow and structure the flow to open or concentrate on a muscle group. Using your breath to guide you through hips and hamstrings, chest and shoulders, and or quads and calves etc, you will move through poses and stretch that will enhance your performance and decrease recovery time. The room is slightly heated 80-85 degrees.

Active Recovery: This 30-minute guided stretch and recovery is the perfect cool down to a great workout. Focusing on certain muscle groups instructors give active stretching sequences and fascia release technique in a slightly heated room 80-85 degrees.

Recovery: H.I.I.T it hard this week? Keep your body in balance with a deep stretch, fascia release, and breath work. Reset your body and mind to calm sounds and relaxing sequences tailored to heal and restore the body from H.I.I.T, cycle, and everyday stress. Release deep tension slower movements, longer holds, and deep breath work. You will feel rejuvenated and ready to rise and grind the next day.

Hybrid Classes: This is a 60-minute class in a hybrid HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and/or Cycle cardio/power yoga format. Get ready to sweat with a 30-minute cardio session followed by 30 minutes of power flow yoga. This class burns maximum calories while leaving your mind, body, and soul empowered! All levels are welcome for this 60-minute class.

Beginner Yoga: If you are new to yoga, this class is perfect for you. You build your foundation with the basics of yoga. We break down poses and sequences to understand your body and breath in the pose. Once you have a base, you are ready to grow in your practice in other Empower formats! This class is 45-minutes and will have you feeling calm and restored.

Whether you are looking for a sweaty workout, develop or deepen your yoga practice, or a workout to calm and relax your body and mind, Empower Fitness Lab has a yoga class for you. Call us today at 713-589-8807 and start with a free class on us! Or visit our website to see all of our class options and membership options.