The new year is fast approaching, and your goal is to build a workout plan and stick to it. Building the right workout for your body will take some time to refine, so starting out with a basic workout plan that exercises your entire body is a great option. Here are a few tips for building the right workout plan to start the new year off right.

Keep F.I.T.T. in Mind

F.I.T.T. stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type. Here’s more information on each:

Frequency: how often you’re exercising during the week. This can change as you get more comfortable with your workouts, for example, going from working out three days a week to four.

Intensity: this refers to how hard you work during each of your workouts. Just like your frequency, this can change as you get more comfortable with your exercise routine.

Time: how much time is each workout going to be, with more time being spent on different parts of your workout. You can also alter your workouts to include a little extra time to help your progress move along faster.

Type: what different types of exercise will you be incorporating? Try switching it up and doing your cardio on a bicycle instead of an elliptical. This will help switch things up and introduce a variety of exercises into your workouts.

Workout for Your Goal

Before even starting your first workout, set your goal. Maybe you just want to become more comfortable in the gym at first. Or, maybe you want to define a certain part of your body. You could even just want to lose a few pounds, and going to the gym and walking for an hour while you catch up on your favorite show is where you want to start. No matter what you’re doing it for, always keep your goal in mind to motivate you to keep up the hard work.

Find the Right Way to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated can be one of the hardest parts of starting your workouts. There are many different ways to stay motivated, so make sure you find the right option for you and stick to it. That could be having friends hold you accountable, making it into a competition, or rewarding yourself with something tangible after each workout.

If you’re starting your workout journey and need a place to start, Empower Fitness Lab is here to help. Our variety of workouts are designed to exercise your entire body, so check out our class schedule and visit our Uptown location today!