Cycling classes as we know them today started to gain traction during the early 90’s in California. Since then, classes centered around cycling exploded in popularity not only across the United States, but across the Western world. Cycling classes haven proven to be more than just an exercise fad, with classes still being among the most popular offered at fitness studios and gyms. What makes Cycling so enduring? Read on to find out.

Cycling vs. Spinning®
Each cycling class is slightly different from each other, while modern brands and variations “spinning” off. You may have heard of the term Spinning®, which is actually trademarked brand of cycles, and follows set drill-based programs. Cycling Studios, such as those offered at Empower Fitness Lab, offer a more open and natural feel, mimicking the outdoor bicycle experience and using a 40-pound flywheel, putting more weight in the front wheel for maximum effort.

Burns serious calories
Spinning is high intensity, so you burn a lot of calories quickly. The average spinner is likely to burn 400-600 calories during a 45-minute spin class, with some determined individuals burning considerably more than that.

Low impact
Exercising on a stationary bike ensures a low-impact workout that’s far easier on your joints and reduces the risk of injury than other type of cardiovascular workouts, such as running the treadmill. Spinning helps to improve blood flow, increase stamina, and boost your mood all while keeping that extra pressure off your joints.

Convenient, all-in-one exercise
Cycle Classes can range from 3 different types of cardiovascular and strength exercises that can focus on speed, endurance, and/or power. Unlike traditional outdoor bicycling, no matter what the weather, you are guaranteed a quality ride.

A stronger, firmer body
Since a typical 45-minute spin class targets the large muscle groups in your legs (calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps), you’ll notice a difference in the strength and tone of your legs. And, since your upper body works to maintain a cadence you’ll notice a strengthening and firming of your abdominal muscles as well. Spinning is considered a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, so you’ll burn fat simultaneously as you build muscle. Talk about a body transformation!

At Empower Fitness Lab, we offer three exciting and effective cycling classes:
1. Sync Cycle - Our signature 45-minute high-intensity strength and cardio blast on a bike. Sync your movements to the beat as this is a hybrid of the coordination of Rhythmic cycle and the benefits of traditional power cycle. Take the guessing out of your workout as our IC5 bikes fused with My Zone™ technology tracks your ride in real time.
2. Power Cycle - Take your indoor and outdoor ride to the next level with this updated and enhanced take on traditional cycle. This 45 min format is filled with group and individual challenges using the metrics from our IC5 bikes fused with My Zone™ technology. Take the guessing out of your workout, track your progress, and get real time results
3. Ride & Flow - This is a 60-minute class in a hybrid Power Cycle and Yoga format. Get ready for 30 minutes of cardio challenges on the bike followed by 30 minutes of power flow yoga. No incense or mood music here! This class burns maximum calories and leaves your mind, body, and soul empowered!

To learn more about joining an Empower Fitness Lab cycling class, visit our Memberships Page or call today at 832-804-8062 to start a reaction.