I think it’s safe to say that winter is finally behind us. Spring is synonymous with renewal and fresh beginnings from anything to cleaning out your home to gardening to trying something new. There is no denying there is a certain energy in the air during spring, it’s the perfect time to not only accept change but embrace it. If you are looking for a challenging way to push yourself Empower Fitness Lab offers a free class on us!

Power Cycle Whether you are a cycling aficionado or a newbie, there is no denying that cycling is a great workout and seriously fun! Our Power Cycle class is geared for all levels and will have you spinning with delight over your results. Why does it work? Well, in short, it eliminates the guesswork from your workout, allows you to easily track your results, uses seriously fun music to motivate in a group setting, and will leave you asking when the next class is. This 45-minute class is packed with individual and group challenges using metrics from our IC5 bikes fused with MyZone technology. Check it out today as your free class choice, you will not be disappointed. 

Beginner Yoga If you have ever wondered about the benefits of yoga, this is a great class to enroll in. From increased strength to flexibility and disease prevention, studies show the benefits of yoga are far-reaching. At Empower Fitness Lab we start with the basics and build from there. You will learn to break down poses and sequences to understand your body and breath in the pose. Once you have mastered the basic skills, you will be ready to grow with your practice in other Empower formats. If you’ve been skeptical of the benefits of regular yoga practice, we guarantee you will be changed after this class and might even find your favorite new fitness regiment.

HIIT If you haven’t heard of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) you are missing out! This customized workout approach combines cardio and strength floor training tailored for the results you are seeking. In this class, you will enjoy dual trainer coverage to really hone in on your goals. Our energetic staff will guide you through your periodization and movements so you can ensure you are doing them the way they were designed for and are achieving maximum results.

These are just a few of the many classes Empower Fitness Lab offers. If you haven’t tried a group fitness class at Empower Fitness Lab, you should consider it. There are multiple benefits to working out, it’s a great way to fit in a workout without having to plan. Whether you’re a beginner or have been working out for years, joining a fitness class could give you the extra motivation and comradery you are looking for! Here are some classes we offer to experience for FREE for your first time! Visit us online today or call (832)804-8062 to get started today!