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Fats, For Better Or For Worse?

How Do You Determine If Fats Are Good Or Bad?

Whether we like it or not, fat plays a vital role in our lives! Fats are essential to hormone production, enzymatic reactions, and are a major structural component to the cell. Our bodies rely on fats for energy when performing endurance exercise. However, some fats are better than others as an energy source.

Many clients come to me concerned on what type of fats they should consume. Amid social media gurus and quick ‘Google answers’, it is difficult to filter valuable information versus misguided diet trends. Next time you are at the grocery store or restaurant, follow this easy guide and make the right decision.

  • If it’s liquid in room temperature: (olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil) it is unsaturated! This means it will not saturate your arteries when consumed!
  • If it’s hard in room temperature: (animal fat, butter, coconut oil), it should be consumed with caution and limit to once a day since it is a saturated fat. Over time it will clog your arteries and negatively effect your heart health.
  • Limit animal fats to once a day—butter, cheese, egg yolks, etc.
  • Choose plant, avocado, or nut based oils as your daily fats

Do not avoid fats in your diet! Include them in your diet as they are essential for optimal health.

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