HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training

So today I would like to talk about HIIT, which is something that is very popular in the fitness industry. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and very popular in large gyms and boutique studios. When you first see the high intensity, it may deter the average person from working out. However, I would counter that by saying everyone’s version of high is different as every individual is different.

What makes HIIT training so popular?

You challenge yourself during this type of workout and you can see the benefits anywhere from 18-72 hours afterward. With data like that it’s no wonder that many people are doing HIIT in their personal workouts and in classes. The popularity of HIIT hasn’t connected to everyone and this is what I really want to blog about. Many people feel like the pace is too much for them and that they can’t do. Reclusiveness is normal when doing something for the first time but starting slow is the key.

Early this week I was talking to an individual and they were telling me that they would love to come to the gym but they haven’t worked out in a while and that they didn’t want to slow the class down. I explained to this individual that it’s all about being the best version of you and that our goal is to empower you to be your best.

The individual was still hesitant and I told them to come when they are comfortable. I stumbled across this article and it talked abbot a recent study that examined how HIIT training was motivating people. I found the article on Harvard Health website and I’ve copied some of the articles for your reading.

What researchers found

“The researchers found that HIIT is more enjoyable than moderate continuous aerobic exercise, and thus may help you stick with your workouts.

In the study, 40 sedentary adults were divided into two groups, with each doing stationary bike workouts, three days a week. The HIIT group did 10 bouts of one-minute high-intensity intervals at 90% to 95% of peak heart rate, followed by a one-minute recovery, for 20 minutes. The other half did moderate intensity cycling at 70% to 75% peak heart rate continuously for about 28 minutes.

After six weeks, the HIIT group had a 10% higher overall exercise enjoyment score than the moderate-intensity group. Also, the HIIT group’s score increased weekly and peaked by the end, while the moderate intensity group’s score stayed stagnant throughout.

The results also showed that the HIIT group’s workload (a measurement of strength) improved twice as much compared with the moderate intensity group, which suggests there may be an association between improved fitness and enjoyment. “It appears that the stronger you get, the more you enjoy the workout. This may make you more motivated to continue,” says lead researcher Dr. Jennifer J. Heisz of McMaster University in Canada”. You can read the Harvard article.

Why I think HIIT is so enjoyable

I have my theory to why HIIT training has such a higher enjoyment because the endorphin levels are elevated in these types of workouts. When you factor this in a group class format with two certified trainers then the engagement is even higher. Our bodies like to be challenged and when we have other individuals around to celebrate and encourage us it makes the experience that much better. You can get a HIIT class anywhere but at Empower were all about making it about the experience for you and keeping you motivated. As always thanks for reading this and if you have anything you would like me to blog about please don’t hesitate to contact me. Never hesitate to be great and remember to be powerful, be productive, be peaceful!!

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