The Sodium Safe Zone

What is the sodium safe zone and how do we stay within the zone?

Sodium is an essential part of life.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average American consumes about 3400 mg of sodium daily. This is 50% greater than the daily recommended of 2400 mg. On average, men intake just above 4200 mg of sodium per day. You’ll be shocked to find out where most of this sodium is being consumed.

Processed, preserved, and restaurant foods account for about 75% of all consumption. 

Eating meals on the go is truly the major culprit. We tend to choose ready to eat meals for convenience, but there is a higher price we pay unknowingly! Is there something we can do to change this pattern?

  • Start reading labels. Nutritional Facts are required by law to be posted on every processed item you purchase.
  • “low sodium” or “1/3 lower sodium” may not mean what you think. Take a closer look at the label for sodium per serving!
  • Limit the intake of cured meats, preserved or canned goods, and prepackaged prepared meals!
  • When eating out at restaurants use portion control and limit the intake of prepared sauces and gravies!

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