The Foundation 64 – The Battle Has Begun!

We’ve officially kicked off the first annual MEPS Madness tournament at Empower Fitness Lab. The 1st round was composed of sixty-four empowered athletes who all qualified to compete based on their consistent effort at EFL. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, some of our elite athletes were unable to make it for the event. To compete in their stead, a few alternate competitors have accepted the challenge of entering the madness.
Making a strong impression, SamiaD (196), LauraH (219), and BS:) (195) have all advanced to the “HIIT 32” from the alternate list. There was a multitude of inspiring MEP scores emerging from the “Foundation 64.” Leading the pack was JulieB (233), closely followed by Dani F (232) and PaulC (231). They set the bar extremely high, all cranking out over 230 MEPs! Undoubtedly, our closest match occurred between #2 seed TrinaB and #15 seed MorganT. Morgan gave an admirable attempt to top Trina’s score by fiercely rowing through the final seconds of her class, but fell a single MEP short of advancing to the next round (190-189).
The effort put forth by the “Foundation 64” has everyone clamoring for round 2. We’re all impatiently anticipating the results of the “HIIT 32.” Key match-ups include: #6 seed Tana F vs. #3 seed KelseyG, #1 seed Nettie vs. #8 seed LindseyD, #5 seed DBG vs. #4 seed CesLSU, #1 seed Jackie vs. #8 seed JuliaP, and lastly #7 seed lil kim vs. #2 seed TrinaB. MEPS Madness is off to a tremendous start and we expect to see the intensity elevate as we march into the second round.

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