The HIIT 32

Round 2 of MEPS Madness has concluded, bringing us one step closer to the

championship. Our empowered athletes brought the intensity to the “HIIT 32” with

eleven scores breaking 230 MEPs. In the midst of these massive MEP scores, one

competitor took it to the next level. Alane pushed it to the limit by scoring a maximum of

240 MEPs! Keep an eye out for her because it looks like she’s primed to do big things in

the upcoming rounds.

As we make our way into the “Sweaty 16,” the stakes become higher and the

competition become fiercer. These sixteen athletes are all likely to put up huge numbers

so it’s anyone’s game. Will #2 seed TrinaB hold her own when facing the powerhouse

#11 seed Hatch185? Can #3 seed TopNotch top the indomitable #10 seed Dani F? Does

#4 seed Alane have another memorable performance of effort left in the tank in her

battle against #1 seed Nettie? You never know who you’ve signed up for a class with so

look around, you may just be sweating it out next to your MEPS Madness rival!

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